Halloween sale and new merch!

Howdy everyone!

We got new keycaps, our Skull Storm Trooper keycap got a hefty revision with RGB compatibility since that has been a popular request as well as a new nuke keycap.



They are both on sale for the first 5 sales!

It may be obvious to some of you but we weren't expecting so many requests for RGB compatibility! We'll be trying to keep them in mind for most of our keycaps from now on! The Storm Trooper one certainly stands out much more, it makes the Nuke a lot more functional with all the colors that can be used.

Also a new keycap for Metroid! I'm way too hyped for the new game coming out. Getting that day, one!

Metroid Keycap

We have also added a bunch of new stickers, a poster for Metroid Dread and even reorganized the entire section for easier navigation!


We're also having a sale! The skull & jackolantern keycaps are on sale, no coupon required!