If you hunt this boi, you're a monster!

We've been hard at work making our new items! 

It's the best boi, good boi from Monster Hunter World! Dodogama!

We've got a few options in the works, a keycap, a gold painted keycap, a figure & possibly more! . . . Certainly more.

His mouth is open to let your keyboards RGB show through! 

We're painting them up this week they'll be available for a limited time! 

Why Dodogama? Genuinely a monster I love from the game. Big ol' blue sleepy boy that's just great. Passive so he won't bite your ass when you're gathering or hunting. Though, there was this one time we were fighting a tempered Lunastra in the Guiding Lands and he just screamed, shot her in the face with a lava rock and ran away. Which, was hilarious but not important to this blog post!

The concept art for the keycap & figure: 

Here's the figure riding on the back of our tortoise, Korg. He's also a good boy:

I'm really excited to get these out since I wanted a Dodogama figure of my own & I think y'all will really enjoy these!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! 

-Mike | GG Artisan