New products, customer feedback and more

New products, customer feedback and more

Hey y'all.

Mike here and we've heard from a few people who want more RGB options. So we're not only going to focus on that for future products but we're also going to be adding them to our skulls. Effective, well- SOON. 

You can buy them right now if you buy the normal skull and just leave the note "RGB version please!".

Right now we're working on getting all the photos sorted (color corrected, have to retake a few), but we are making them right now!

Also new Jack-o'-lantern keycap! And as I said RGB is a focus for our new stuff so here's it glowing for y'all to see! 

We think it came out pretty good, how about you? You can find the Jack-o'-lantern by clicking here!

We know it's a bit late but we've been pretty busy and honestly with all the stuff going on this year? Can you blame us? . . . Okay you can. But we hope you'll check it out. 

We have some more stuff in the works, so keep an eye on our site!