New Star Wars themed keycap!

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New Star Wars themed keycap!

We've been eager to announce this one, managed to get this new artisan keycap out for the May the 4th Star Wars internet event.

A new keycap themed around Storm Troopers that have been on the bad end of a rebel blaster. Skull Troopers? Sure!

We've been big fans of Star Wars, the movies, shows and games for sure. Heck even if the movie isn't great there's always something great in it (ship designs and music for sure!). 

I grew up playing a lot of X-Wing and Tie Fighter and of course Dark Forces! It was really awesome to get my own trooper helmet in keycap form. 

We hope you like it! This is a limited run so when they're out, they're out!

We might come out with a less-dead variant.