Golem MX style artisan keycap

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Need a lil' rock buddy to guard your keyboard? Well we got a golem to do just that! . . . Maybe.

Be sure to select which color you want with the dropdown!!

An original design by us, a golem in 2 color varieties with a real rock texture with a fantasy appeal.  

Hand painted in two colors, finished artisan golem key cap, by GG Artisan in the United States. Can be positioned in almost anywhere on your KB- though it's ideal for function keys and escape key.

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-Photos are taking of the keycap in the center of the keyboard to provide a nice photo & are not recommended placement.

-Keyboard keycap tolerances can be different and not allow for an ideal fit of artisan keycaps. Unless otherwise stated, our keys are designed for escape & function keys. So we highly recommend escape & function placement for our designs!

-Keyboard is not included.

-RGB is a function of your keyboard- not the keycap. No electronics are included.