Beetlejuice sandworm keycap (MX stem)

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Nice $#&king keycap! . . .Is what I'm sure Beetlejuice  would say after kicking over a tree in excitement. Our in fear, since he didn't exactly get along with these monsters.

But you can have your very own sandworm based off the Tim Burton classic, you can see the sandworm even wound up in the ground/keycap base!

Made by us in the USA!

Hand painted finished artisan Beetlejuice keycap, by GG Artisan in the United States, ideal for function keys and escape key.

Additional info:
Fits mx-style stems.
Enabled for RGB keyboards.

-Ideal for function (F1-F12) keys or escape key but can be placed generally anywhere on the keyboard.

-Keyboard is not included.