Helldivers 500kg bomb artisan (MX stem,RGB, launch sale!)

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Launch sale! Save $5 for the first 5 keycaps we sell!

For when you absolutely need to apply Democracy to an objective or that damned bile titan that's been chasing you for 5km across the battlefield- You get the 500kg bomb out! . . .And pray your timing is good for those titans!

Fully hand painted 500kg bomb artisan keycap. Ideal for esc & function keys! The bomb is see through to let your keyboard's RGB shine through!

Custom versions:
If you'd like another icon on the keycap like a rail cannon, grenade launcher or whatever- message us and we can work with you on a different version.

-Designed for MX style stems only!
-Keyboard is not included.
-RGB is a function of your keyboard- not the keycap. No electronics are included.