Kirby Mouthful mode figure

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Kirby has gone and done it again, Hypermode, robot mode, being made of yarn and now he's driving a car around- the wrong way!
I came into the Kirby scene a bit late, I used to play Super Star with my friend on the SNES but not for a while did I get back to playing his games, loved Nightmare in Dreamland, REALLY loved Triple Deluxe and Robobot was a fun trip. Anyway, enough gushing- we had a lot of fun making this figure and I think it shows!

This is not a toy, the wheels do not spin. This is designed as a display piece only & not for children to play with.

Made by us in the USA!

Kirby figure was sculpted in 3D & printed & is made of a lightweight resin and hand painted by us.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask before buying!

-Kirby figure

Materials: Resin

Dodogama: 14.7cm x 8.5cm x 6.4cm
Weight: 4.95oz