Kirby Mouthful Mode (RGB, MX stem)

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Kirby has gone and done it again, Hypermode, robot mode, being made of yarn and now he's driving a car around- the wrong way!
I came into the Kirby scene a bit late, I used to play Super Star with my friend on the SNES but not for a while did I get back to playing his games, loved Nightmare in Dreamland, REALLY loved Triple Deluxe and Robobot was a fun trip. Anyway, enough gushing- we had a lot of fun making this one and I think it shows!

Made by us in the USA!

Hand painted finished artisan Kirby keycap, by GG Artisan in the United States, ideal for function keys and escape key.

Additional info:
Fits mx-style stems.
Enabled for RGB keyboards.

-Ideal for function (F1-F12) keys or escape key but can be placed generally anywhere on the keyboard.

-Keyboard is not included.

-RGB is a function of your keyboard- not the keycap. No electronics are included.