Long cat keycap (RGB, MX stem)

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If we're honest? We're a house full of lizards, turtles, snakes and one big tortoise- but, all of our friends have very loving and cute cats. That we have to admit, despite their hostility to anything on a shelf, are very cute.

So here we have long cat for all the cat lovers out there; to loom over your keyboard and judge what you type.
Complete with RGB toe-beans!

Made by us in the USA!

Hand painted finished artisan Long cat keycap, by GG Artisan in the United States, ideal for function keys and escape key.

Additional info:
Fits mx-style stems.

-Ideal for function (F1-F12) keys or escape key but can be placed generally anywhere on the keyboard (if you're crazy!).

-Keyboard is not included.