RGB Skull Storm Trooper

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It's a time of Civil War. Using fear and intimidation the Empire seeks to impose a new order on the galaxy! Only the Rebel Alliance stands in the way of their evil plans.

A hand painted storm trooper helmet complete with previous owner in skeleton form inside.

As we love Star Wars and especially the Storm Trooper designs we wanted to make sure this was as accurate as possible. The mic-caps, the blue stripes, all had to be perfect.

Made by us in the USA!

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-Photos are taking of the keycap in the center of the keyboard to provide a nice photo & are not recommended placement.

-Keyboard keycap tolerances can be different and not allow for an ideal fit of artisan keycaps. Unless otherwise stated, our keys are designed for escape & function keys. So we highly recommend escape & function placement for our designs!

-Keyboard is not included.

-RGB is a function of your keyboard- not the keycap. No electronics are included.