Custom Orders:
Q- Can I have a different color of an item?
A-Yes, contact us here about a custom order and we'll work with you to get a custom order made for you!

Q- What can GGArtisan make custom orders? Does it cost extra?
We can do custom orders, yes! Everything from different colors to a unique piece.
An entirely new piece will cost extra as we will have to spend the time designing, sculpting, painting it which is days worth of work.


Q- How long does it take for an item to get to me?
A- Orders take 2-4 business days to ship. Orders are shipped via USPS and will arrive 2-5 days after they have been sent out with a tracking number so you can track the progress!

Ordering priority mail will ensure orders will arrive faster. If you would like another mailing service we don't provide, please contact us before ordering. -Please note: We still have to make the items, orders will always go out in 2-4 days as we have to hand make the items ourselves!
Please note that some items on our store are made to order and will take up to 5 business days before they will ship!

Shirts, mugs, stickers, posters are handled by a partner company & ship separately.
International orders will take longer to arrive!
Q- Can I get faster shipping? I need to get something for a birthday/holiday!
A- You can order via priority mail for faster shipping. If there's a specific time you're worried about getting your order, please contact us before ordering to let us help you. Orders can take 2-4 days before shipping depending on the item!
Q- Do you provide tracking numbers?
A- Tracking numbers are included with every order! You'll know the moment it goes out.
Q- Who is your shipping carrier?
A- United States Postal Service. We have been using them for over 10 years & they've been the most reliable and affordable. However if you want or need another postal service you may choose so at checkout.
Q- My address was incorrect and my order was returned to GG Artisan. How can I get my order?
A- GG Artisan is not responsible for incorrect addresses given nor the cost of shipping, the order minus the cost of shipping will be refunded after the item has arrived back at our facility.

Q- I need my order in a hurry, can you please rush my order out as fast as possible?
A- Please contact us via email. Our keycaps & figures are handmade and take time to create before they even ship.

A rush-fee might be applied to orders.

Please note, ordering a faster shipping method does NOT guarantee a faster/timely delivery!  We still have to make each item, by hand. Unless you let us know you want it faster your order will ship after 2-4 business days plus the time it takes to arrive.

International Orders:
Q- Does GG Artisan do international shipping?
A- We ship internationally and provide tracking numbers!
Q- Do tracking numbers work in all countries?
A- Tracking numbers work in most countries we've shipped to. England, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, etc. Some countries may not allow for tracking your package. However your tracking number will still be useful for finding your item at your local post office.

If your item has not moved in a while, go to your local post office with your invoice & tracking number and they likely have it waiting for you.
Q- Will I have to pay a customs fee?
A- We can't answer that, there's a lot of countries with many different laws with postage and products. We make the items and ship them via United States Postal Service International Mail and the rest is on them and the individual laws/customs of your country.
Your country's government may require customs taxes or other fees to be paid before delivery. These taxes and fees are not included in our prices. GG Artisan has no control over and is not able to provide compensation for customs tax or any related fees as they are government regulated by the country you live in.
Q-For my international order, can you include a different price on the customs forms?
A- No. Having an incorrect or lower price would violate the law. This would result in fines for either you, the customer or us. There are no exceptions to this and we will not respond to emails inquiring about this.
Prices will be reflective of the product and any discounts given.

Q-For my international order, can mark it as a gift?
A- As stated in the previous question, having an incorrect or lower price would violate the law. This would result in fines for either you, the customer or GG Artisan. There are no exceptions to this and we will not respond to emails inquiring about this.
Prices will be reflective of the product and any discounts given.
Q- Can you contact customs to get my order through faster?
A- Sadly, no we have no say in the matter of other country's postal services or customs. It is up to them when the package moves.
Q- My tracking number says my item has been in the same spot for a while, what gives?
A- For international orders this usually means your order is being held by customs where they may investigate or hold your item till you pick it up at your local post office.
We apologize but we cannot do anything to help expedite this. We recommend you take your tracking number to your local post office in this case and ask what they can do. They may be holding the item for you for pick up or may be expecting you to pay a customs fee.
Q- I'm not sure how to get my order, it's arrived in my country but isn't being delivered.
A- Your order is likely at your local post office or customs office and is being held till you pick it up.

Print out your invoice with the tracking number and go to your local post office and ask the clerk about the item, you may need to bring identification as well. They will help you get your package or may very well have it waiting for you. You may need to pay a customs fee/import tax, this has nothing to do with GG Artisan and is a law that your country has in place. We have no say in custom fees and will not alter prices on customs forms in an attempt to bypass customs.
Please pick up your package as soon as possible or it may be returned to us. If your order is returned to us and was deemed "Not Claimed" by the post office we apologize but we are not responsible for this and will refund your order minus the cost of shipping.

General Questions:
Q- Something is missing from my order, what should I do?
A- If you are missing something from your order, please contact us via email clearly stating the following:
    Order number.
    What was ordered.
    What is missing.
Responses may take 24/48 hours, please be patient.

Q- Can I call you to place an order?
A- No, we do not take orders via phone. If you would like please contact us via email and specify what you want in what quantity and we can send you an invoice you can pay via card or paypal.

Q- I'm worried about my credit card and personal information, is your site trust worthy?
A- Orders placed through our website are done via SSL/https, a secure connection and processed via Shopify's credit card processing. That means the connection is encrypted, protecting it from being viewed by others.

We do not even see your credit card information. All of that goes directly to the processor who handles all of of that information who then approves the transaction for us to ship. The only thing we have is your name and address which is strictly used for shipping your order. We do not sell or use your information for any other purpose.

If you want  we have an etsy & ebay store pages that also have our art on them. 

Q- I found a broken link/typo/got an error message.
A- Please contact us with the link and error.


Holiday order questions:
Q- I want to make sure my item arrives before [holiday name here]  or for a birthday, how can I be sure to get it on time?

A- Order sooner rather than later. Around Christmas time, postal services are extremely busy and orders might be 1-2 days late, international orders even later. Using a faster shipping method will help, however-

Ordering faster shipping does not mean guarantee arrival by USPS's delivery times. 

Please keep in mind every item* is hand made by us and take time to make. Orders take 2-4 days to ship normally, larger orders 4-5.

*Clothing/cups are the exception, they are not hand made and they will ship in 1-5 days.

Q- I'm ordering a gift and having it mailed to a friend. Can you not include an invoice?
A- Yes, please email us or leave a note in the order asking us to NOT include an invoice. If you want a small custom note left in, let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Q-Are you open during the holidays?
A- No, we are closed during typical holidays such as Christmas week, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and such. Orders will not be shipped during this time! If you have a question about when your order will be shipped, please contact us with the link below.